A New Logo for the Washington Redskins by Hari Kondabolu & Upworthy.

If the NFL’s Washington Football team won’t change their name, then perhaps they would change their logo… to a severely sunburned white person?

If you’d like to submit your own new Redskins Logo, you can 
1) Tweet it to the Redskins (@redskins) with the hashtag #NewRedskinsLogo. And tweet it at us (@newredskinslogo), too!
2) Put it on your tumblr, tag it “new redskins logo,” let us know and we’ll re-blog it.
3) E-mail us at newredskinslogo@gmail.com
4) Submit through our Tumblr site by clicking here.

I proposed a new logo for the Washington Redskins. TUMBLR POWERS ACTIVATE!